Ragdoll Kittens Calgary

Ragdoll Kittens Calgary

Part of the Canadian Ragdoll Breeders Resource

Are you looking for a Ragdoll kitten in Calgary?

Well, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada? We will try to help you.

I actually live in Calgary and I have two ragdolls I am building a list of the ragdoll breeders in my area so that I can share them with you. Don’t buy a ragdoll kitten from Kijiji. You can definitely rescue Ragdoll kittens in Calgary from a number of great rescue places that I will update soon. But if you want a ragdoll kitten in Calgary you are looking for a breeder.

Ragdolls In The Calgary Area

Calgary is home to some amazing pets, pet breeders and a pet community. Ragdoll kittens and Ragdoll cats are no exception. We have some up-to-date information on Ragdoll Breeders in Calgary

Obviously, the internet is the place you are going to start but you want to do your research for sure. It can be difficult to narrow down a good breeder and one in our area, so that’s why we are building a resource for people.

Let us know if you have any questions or recommendations.

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Are you a Ragdoll Breeder in Calgary? 

If you are a breeder in the Calgary or Alberta area let us know and we would love to list you on this page and share your information with our readers.

If you’re looking for a Ragdoll kitten in Calgary, and you live in Canada then you’ll be good. If you don’t live here and you want to ship a cat or kitten we have a resource that may help you get started on that process.

What questions should I ask my cat breeder?

  • Will the kitten be spayed or neutered?
  • Is the kitten registered? With which organization? TICA? CFA?
  • Does the breeder require a deposit to hold a kitten?
  • Does the breeder require a deposit to hold a kitten not yet born?
  • Are the kitten’s vet checked before placement?
  • Do the kittens come with a health guarantee?
  • Do the kittens receive all age-appropriate vaccines before placement?

Many cat breeders are not website designers. I have noticed that sometimes they don’t have the information displayed in an easy format. Most breeders, however, will keep their website up-to-date as far as the lists of their new litters.

They may or may not include a list of upcoming litters. Breeders who are more specialized may only list pet kittens for availability. You will need to do further investigation to see if they have show-quality pets or breeding quality kittens.

Another idea is to rescue a ragdoll who is in a shelter and in need.

Ragdoll Breeders in Calgary

There are not any Ragdoll Breeders right in the city of Calgary. These are the closest ones.

Ranchinragz Ragdolls

Owner – Unknow – Do your due diligence.

Location – Nanton, Alberta (about 45 minutes south of Calgary)
Website – www.ranchinragzragdolls.com
Email – Ranchinragz@gmail.com

Rainbow Ragdolls

Owner – Lise Cardinal
Website – rainbowragdolls.com

Location – Near Edmonton
Phone – 780-992-8305
Email – rainbowragdolls@gmail.com.

Purring Angels Ragdolls

Owner – Judy Livingston
Website – purringangelsragdolls.ca

Location – Edson, Alberta (5 hours North West of Calgary)
Phone – 780-712-3543
Email – purringangels@yahoo.ca