Do ragdoll cats get along with dogs?

Do ragdoll cats get along with dogs?

You may end up asking yourself which one is the dog?

Yes, ragdoll cats definitely get along with dogs, at least that is my experience. The Ragdoll Cats docile personality makes them a great fit for families with children and other pets, cats and dogs. Ragdoll cats often act like a dog, following you around the house and playing catch. They are also typically quite vocal and will let you know when they need something.

Why do Ragdolls get along so well with Dogs?

Its commonly known that cats and dogs don’t really mix. I have had both kinds of dogs and both kinds of cats. The kind that works together and the kind that does not work together. I had a boxer and a barn cat for a time and they used to cuddle together and play together all of the time. I have also had cats and dogs that really want nothing to do with each other.

What I have found is that you will have the highest chance of getting a cat that is ok with a dog when the cat is a ragdoll. Their personality and demeanour are perfect. Most of the time they are not aggressive, and most of the time they will like to play, and most of the time they will not get into the dog’s business too much.

Are Ragdoll Cats Vocal?

Both of mine definitely are, and most ragdoll owners will tell you that they are. They will also tell you that it is not just for food and treats but sometimes for no reason at all but to chirp, meow and make noise. My experience though is that it is not annoying, most of the time.

My eldest cat Grandma cat can sometimes howl a bit when she feels lost or out of place. She doesn’t see very well anymore and I am not sure about her hearing as well. So sometimes I think she meows loudly just to hear herself.

Sometimes you will even hear your cat clicking or chirping, all of which is normal behaviour.

Are There Some behaviour Issues with Dogs?

At our home, we have two ragdolls and one Havanese dog. Introducing them took a little time. Before I moved into the house we brought the dog over to my place so that she could meet the cats in their environment. We did that twice. Both times the younger cat hid under the dresser and the older cat didn’t really care. She hissed once and that was it.

After that when I moved into my wife’s house we brought the cats and let them meet the dog in her home. There weren’t really any fireworks. I was expecting the cats to hide a little for the first few days and Maya did, but Grandma was just happy to be in a new home.

After Maya acclimatized herself she was happy to roam all over the house. We leave Nessie the dog and Maya the cat out together all day in the house and they seem to be fine. They definitely don’t cuddle or hang out too much together but they do have a mutual understanding and are ok together.

The only time they get a little at each other is during food time. They are both really food aggressive and love the treats…so they will jockey for position. It’s sometimes funny and usually very tame. Maya will try to swipe if Nessie gets too close, but Nessie will also snap back a little. It usually doesn’t amount to much and we are careful not to entice them during treats time.

Should I Introduce a Ragdoll Cat to My Home?

I am a little biased but I think yes. Ragdolls are the best, and they really do have the best personality. Take your time and make sure that you work with your dog to create a safe space for both pets and watch to see what happens.

Do Ragdoll Cats Need a companion?

It’s not like a ragdoll cat absolutely needs a companion but they definitely benefit from having other animals in the house. The companion doesn’t even have to be a cat, it can also be a dog. Because of the ragdolls friendly and docile temperament, they are usually pretty good by themselves, but they also will benefit from having a friend. We have a full article here about this topic.